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Magna Kultura Foundation is a non-government organization registered with the Securities Exchange Commission with CN 200312428.  The Foundation was established on June 2, 2003 by Ricardo Miguel Aguado who is the Chairman of the Board  and concurrently its Executive Director.

Magna Kultura Foundation is an education‐for‐development NGO conducting Community Development programs. The Foundation engages communities with educational, cultural, and social entrepreneurial programs with the aim of improving the well-being Filipino citizens.

Social and cultural entrepreneurship embodies the organization's programs. 

The foundation also conducts social entrepreneurial programs aimed at increasing participation and membership of youth leaders in communities and increasing the stake of grassroots communities in community development by building capacities and enhancement of livelihood skills.

The Foundation goes beyond implementing "do good for the people" projects. EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL activities are provided among the youth; while LIVELIHOOD & SOCIAL ENTERPRISE are established for adults. 


The advocacies implemented by Magna Kultura aims to transform people and communities. Magna Kultura harness the talents of local people, building their capacity and making them advocates for community development and social progress. The Foundation provide nets  for citizens to  harness possibilities for  driving a creative community.  Magna Kultura creates advocates in communities, train  them to develop and build ecosystems for transformation. 

Magna Kultura Foundation is dedicated to the vision of a better Filipino society made possible by a citizenry empowered to conquer poverty in their lives and in their communities. Our programs are always geared towards transforming people, transforming communities through social solidarity.


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