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Palarong Pinoy: The Traditional Filipino Games. How Filipino companies are using it as a Team-building activity using a sports platform.

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Larong Pinoy As Team-Building Activity For Companies

Posted by magnakultura on June 25, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (397)

The Traditional Filipino Street Games finds its home into the hearts of Filipino adults, as local companies re-discovered the fun of playing Larong Pinoy during Corporate Team-building Sports Fests; bonding with fellow-employees, and building relationships like real “kababata’s” with youthful energy. It is a game everybody knows. It is a game that anyone can play --- young or old ---- with a youthful spirit.

The Filipino Street Games has been with us for over a century. In today’s modern age of technology, the games are very much alive, bringing fun in communities, schools, and lately, as a team-building sports fest in local corporations.

Human Resource Department personnel saw the values that it brings to employees, as it bonds young and old together in activities that everyone can play.


Team building is more than just dragging employees to the usual basketball intramurals or having someone give them a lecture on why it’s important to work together. People learn best when they’re moving around, interacting, and working together on fun challenges.

Since the 1980’s there have been many new sports and innovative games --- Triathlon, Xtreme Sports, Cross Games, Fun Runs, etc. Since Y2008, many companies have opted to launch sports fest using the Traditional Filipino Street Games as platform form team-building sports fests. With Larong Pinoy, employees THINK FILIPINO.


There's more than one way to improve the level of employee engagement in a company. Using Larong Pinoy is a unique platform to engage employees, creating youthful energy and fun community atmosphere at the workplace. It triggers sharing of personal experiences and insights that leads to intimate bonding.


The selection of Larong Pinoy as a Sports Fest Activity is intended to involve employees into doing an alternative event instead of the usual western sports, to make the company affair fun and truly Filipino. It is a fact that only a few employees get to play in the usual sports like basketball, volleyball, or other western sports; with Larong Pinoy everybody can play --- from executives, to staff, to clerks, to general service employees. It’s a game everybody knows. It’s a game everyone can enjoy --- even the non-sporty type. Larong Pinoy challenges employees & staff to re-learn the Filipino Street Games blended with team building values and youthful camaraderie in the office. With Larong Pinoy as sports fest platform, the team bonding goals will flow naturally among employees and staff, internally at the office even before the day of the event.


What Happens When Companies Decide To Use Larong Pinoy As Sportsfest Platform?

Internally at the Office

It will get each and every employee talking about the games, reviewing what they know, and definitely remembering their childhood memories. It will “bring-out the child” in everyone when they relate to one another, making the office alive.


It triggers individual exploration, making young people consult elderly employees who are knowledgeable about the games. It is a light and fun bridge for office bonding.

And, it will trigger CommuniTeam bonding as they practice the games together.


During The Event

 Larong Pinoy captivates employees in engaging in an activity that is "out-of-the-ordinary" --- different from the usual basketball or track racing. Even non-players will have the fun of watching co-employees execute compete in the games.

There is total team bonding with fun-filled cooperation that naturally flow amongst participants.


Larong Pinoy leaves no physical hurt or emotional feelings (unlike rough sports like basketball), because it’s all child-like fun games and thrills that are so Pinoy.


The Larong Pinoy sports fest will impart a youthful and unforgettable experience among employees.

The youthful atmosphere that it creates will make them feel as if they all grew up together. Aside from CommuniTeam Building, it builds employee relationships .


It is a game everybody knows. It is a game that anyone can play with a youthful spirit --- from management to staff to line employees --- young and old! The Larong Piinoy experience reverberates within the organization even weeks after the event ---- making each and every feel as if they “grew up and played with each other when they were young”. This is the spirit that games of our heritage bring into an organization. And a well-organized event even makes it more memorable.


Magna Kultura Foundation, an NGO for arts and culture, organizes Larong Pinoy sports fests for companies with a Mini-Olympics format, making it truly fun and challenging for young and old employees. Magna Kultura organizes traditional Filipinos street games like patintero, tumbang preso, piko, sipa, luksong tinik,, siyato, holen, trumpo, and other street games like an Olympic competition. Magna Kultura conceptualizes, organize and implement team building programs, workshops and corporate events, giving you more than what you expect, with the best value for your company.


Over 100 companies will tell you that Magna Kultura’s corporate team-building events makes are one-of-kind activities that leave lasting impression on employees and bring out the best in a company.


Treat your employees to a Fun Team-Building Sports Fest where everybody can play: Palarong Pilipino Mini-Olympics for young & old! A Sports Fest Team Bonding Activity can be held anytime of the year. It doesn’t have to be summer. Build your corporate family into a CommuniTeam now.







Dickie Aguado, Executive Director - Magna Kultura Foundation. 

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